Our Promises to You


To produce great products, that provides efficient results and enables better life


To use only the highest quality herbal ingredients

To offer the best customer service

To respond quickly to questions and requests

To refund your money if you won't be satisfied

To use herbs that grows without chemicals or pesticides

To develop teas based on the practices of Herbal Medicine

To continue and improve our quality control processes so only perfect products will leave our plant

To use recycled cardboard and paper goods in our packaging

To recycle all of our cardboard, plastic, aluminum, and office paper waste

To promotes ethical trade principles and to tirelessly work to insure fair wages and safe environment for the people that produce our herbal crops

Not to add artificial ingredients, food colorants, preservatives materials or synthetic flavors to our teas

Not to use genetically-modified ingredients or herbs sterilized by irradiation or ethylene oxide