Our Story

Herbal Teas

Established as a family business, Galilee Tisanes preserves the delicate balance between modern agriculture, traditional herbal medicine and technology.

Possessing hundreds of acres, a state-of-the-art production facilities and proven expertise, Galilee Tisanes offers an inspired selection of medicinal herbal teas that remains true to its roots.
blending unique herbal formulas and preserving their authentic taste, each of our proven effective teas turns into a healthy and tasty experience.

One of the company's most famous products includes the Best Green Tea for Weight Loss and called GreenSlim herbal tea.
The Galilee's fertile soil is known for its unique qualities – due to its cooler climate and higher altitude it is generally accepted as the Holy-Land's finest herbal agriculture growing areas. Altitudes can reach up to 1,000 meters above sea level, with snow in the winter. Soils vary from gravelly, volcanic, basalt, limestone and Terra Rossa.
Committed to our environment, we employ a holistic approach to revitalizing the Galilee region’s rich and ancient history of herbal agriculture. Over 2,000 years ago, the Galilee area was a choice location for quality herbal cultivation.
Today, the area’s topography, soil and climate make it an ideal home for Galilee Tisanes farm crops.

Our family's romance with herbal medicines and teas began many years ago, when the present generation's pioneer and father, developed the unique method of creating an extraordinary medicinal teas. 
Using knowledge passed down from generation to generation, Galilee Tisanes offers its series of healthy and invigorating medical teas, each with its own unique quality and flavor.