Have you heard about tisane herbal tea infusions?

First, have you heard about tisanes ? A tisane is an herbal tea drink that is made from the infusion or decoction of herbs and spices, brewed in hot water, and consumed for its medicinal benefits. Galilee Tisanes are liquid botanical remedies that promote and support health while being naturally sweet and flavorful to drink.


Galilee Tisanes Understands Medicinal Teas

Right from the beginning, our founder, Dror Harel, understood that a medicinal teas or tisanes can only be as good as the quality of the herbs from which they are brewed.  His unfaltering passion for selecting only the finest herbs for our teas , make them the best medicinal teas in the world.  We use only timeless, quality herbs that are famous for their very high juice content, soft tannins and rich flavors; all critical elements to the success of ou r teas.  


Choose Our Condition Specific Herbal Tea Remedies

Drinking medicinal herbal teas maximi zes the absorption of the herbs active ingredients in the body, more than any other form of remedy intake.  After the tea is ingested, it's immediately and effectively absorbed through the stomach and into the bloodstream.  The beauty of the herbal infusion is  that it allows the botanicals t o interact naturally for the benefit of our health.  Galilee Tisanes applies knowledge that is passed down from generation to generation in perfection the process and formulation of all their herbal teas.


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How Effective are Medicinal Teas ?

Many factors determine how effective an herbal tea or a medicinal t ea will be. Variables like climate and soil quality, as well as how and when it was harvested and proces sed all contribute to the final quality of the medicinal tea.  Our team of Physiotherapy doctors, herbalists, and pharmacists collaborate to create every medicinal teas' sp ecific intention. 


●          Formulas are developed and approved by a team of professionals

●       Our Research and Development Center tests each new herbal tea

●       Every herbal tea formula must be proven safe, efficient, and tasty

●       Our herbal formulas stimulate and strengthen the body's normal self-healin g

●          Free from artificial colors, added flavors, oils, preservatives, or chemicals

●       Kosher, gluten free, and suitable for vegans and vegetarians



The Fertile Soil of Galilee Grows the Finest Herbal Teas

Galilee Tisanes , a family business, preserves the delicate balance between modern agriculture, traditiona l herbal medicine remedies , a nd modern technology to deliver a premier herbal tea product.  We offer a superior selection of medicinal herbal teas that b lend a unique herbal formula, while preserving their authentic taste, and resulting in a healthy and tasty experience with every cup.


The Benefits of Drinking Galilee Tisanes Healthy Teas

Galilee Tisanes promises you to produce only the finest medical tea products that provide efficient results and enables a better, healthier life.  We are fully committed to the good health of our customers, and all of our herbal teas are 100 pe rcent natural and safe to drink.  We encourage you to consult with your health care provider regarding any health concerns you may have, and then go ahead and try one of our medicinal teas t hat will support your health goals.  You'll be pleased with the results.


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Galilee Tisanes offers a series of healthy and invigorating medicinal - herbal teas, each with its own unique quality and flavor


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