Why Choose Condition Specific Herbal Tea Remedies?

Sufficient evidence exists demonstrating that herbal medicine in a liquid form is more readily absorbed into the body than in a solid form such as capsules and tablets.

Drinking medicinal herbal tea maximizes the absorption of the herbs active ingredients in the body more than any other form of remedy intake. After the tea is ingested, it is immediately and effectively absorbed through the stomach and into the bloodstream.
Herbal tea infusion allows the natural interactions between the various components in the herbs to occur and thus, to utilize the specialness of the herbs for the benefit of our health.

Using knowledge passed down from generation to generation, Galilee Tisanes offers its series of healthy and invigorating medicinal teas, each with its own unique quality and flavor.  
A Brief Profile

From the beginning, Galilee Tisanes founder, Dror Solodoch, understood that a medicinal tea can only be as good as the quality of the herbs from which it is brewed.  His unfaltering passion for selecting only the finest herbs for the teas turned them to be the best medicinal teas in the world. 
These timeless quality herbs, famous for their very high juice content, soft tannins and rich flavors, are critical to the success of the teas.

Many factors determine how effective an herb tea will be. It can virtually be from the type of environment (climate, soil quality), as well how and when it was harvested and processed. Our environment and methods optimizes the benefits out of nature.

Formulas are developed and approved by a team of Phytotherapy doctors, herbalists and pharmacists for the creation of every medical tea specific intention. Production is conducted under license of the Ministry of Health and under a strict Kosher supervision.

Every new herbal tea is first tested in our Research and Development center and only formulas that were proven to be safe, efficient and tasty turned to be completed products.

We have proudly designed our herbal formulas to stimulate and strengthen the body's normal function and so help the body heal itself.

As an integral part of our 100% natural production policy, Galilee Tisanes guarantees its products to be free of artificial colors with no added flavors, essential oils, preservatives or chemical ingredients to its teas. 


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